What Manga Chapter After Spy x Family Anime

Spy x Family, one of the anime that hype This season has ended with a total of 12 episodes. But don’t worry because it’s only the first cour. It will be continued with Part 2 which will be released in October. Well, for those of you who are really curious about the continuation of the Spy x Family anime story. You can read this article to find out the mix of manga chapters after the Spy x Family anime ends.

What’s the manga chapter after the Spy x Family Part 1 anime is over?

Please note, that the Spy x Family episode 12 anime adapts the bonus story in the 17th chapter entitled “Extra Mission” and “Short MissionIn this episode, Forger and his family are shown going on a vacation to an aquarium to build an image in front of other neighbors.

However, instead of being able to relieve stress. Forger was actually given another additional mission while on vacation with his family. So, after you watched the last episode of the Spy x Family Part 1 anime, you can continue. read chapter 18.

So what’s going on in chapter 18 later? actually at the end of epsisode 12, a snippet has been given that the next story will show Anya who wants to find a pet dog as a reward for her achievement in getting a star at school. Uniquely, the dog that Anya will choose later turns out to also have super abilities where she can predict the future. once the Forger family is complete with each family member having secret abilities and jobs.

That was the information about how many manga chapters will follow after the Spy x Family Part 1 anime.

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