Yashahime Episode 41 – Inuyasha and Kagome’s First Battle After 14 Years

Inuyasha lastly wielded the Tessaiga and Kagome used her sacred powers in episode 41 of Yashahime anime, after the couple lastly managed to get out of the Black Pearl with the assistance of Towa. Now they will now spend time with Moroha and make up for the times they misplaced as a household.

Warning: This Part Would possibly Comprise Spoilers.

The Bone Eater’s Properly is an important place for Inuyasha and Kagome. Within the InuYasha collection, the Trendy period and the Feudal period had been related by that effectively, permitting Kagome to journey. The identical goes for Inuyasha. Nevertheless, the portal contained in the effectively vanished after their last battle in opposition to Naraku in InuYasha: The Ultimate Act collection. Inuyasha and Kagome had been separated and thought that they couldn’t see one another anymore, however after three years, the portal opened for the final time due to Kagome’s emotions. Inuyasha knew Kagome’s scent very effectively, so the second she entered the effectively, Inuyasha got here to get her. The Bone Eater’s Properly, together with the Tree of Ages witnessed the entire love story of Inuyasha and Kagome. In episode 41 of the Yashahime collection, Kagome, Moroha and Inuyasha spent a while within the effectively and Moroha realized how essential their is to her dad and mom.

Inuyasha’s household

Regardless that the portal within the Bone Eater’s Properly can not open once more, it’s good to see that it’s nonetheless being emphasised within the collection as a result of it turned the bridge to Inuyasha and Kagome. It’s also satisfying to see that Moroha is studying about what occurred within the lives of her dad and mom prior to now.

That apart, whereas in the midst of having a household second, Kirinmaru landed in entrance of them, trying haggard and exhausted. Inuyasha is able to do every little thing he can to cease him, so he stands in Kirinmaru’s manner. As I discussed in my earlier episode characteristic, I believe that Inuyasha is stronger than Sesshomaru as a result of he’s wielding the Tessaaiga, the strongest demon sword in existence. Inuyasha, along with Kagome and Moroha faces Kirinmaru in battle. As typical, Kagome’s sacred powers are extremely highly effective since she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a legendary priestess, who can be the ex-girlfriend of Inuyasha. As for Moroha, she skilled so arduous, and lately, she obtained a present that makes her stronger. Her powers are additionally out of the field since she is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. Meaning she has each demonic and sacred powers. Within the battle, Inuyasha used the Bakuryuha, Kaze no Kizu, and Kongosoha from the Tessaiga, making this very nostalgic for the followers of the unique collection.

Inuyasha, defending Moroha and Kagome

There was one thing that bothered me on this episode. The Tessaiga has 5 demonic powers, making it the strongest demon sword. Inuyasha used three since these are actually for fight. The remaining two powers are the Crimson Tessaiga, which isn’t relevant on this battle since it’s only for destroying boundaries. The opposite one is the Meido Zanetsuha, which immediately transports anybody who touches it to the Underworld. It additionally means that it’s the strongest energy of the Tessaiga however Inuyasha didn’t use it. I can’t assist however suppose that this battle was actually made like this in order that Kirinmaru gained’t die but because the anime continues to be removed from the ending.

For the reason that scenario with Kirinmaru is already getting out of hand, the Demon Slayers are additionally on the transfer and getting ready to evacuate the folks. Sango additionally fetched Miroku and we had been in a position to see their “Painful Slap” once more, which can be very nostalgic. Within the InuYasha collection, if Inuyasha and Kagome have “Sit Boy”, Sango and Miroku have “Painful Slap”. Evidently the couple can even take part within the battle in opposition to Kirinmaru and by the appears of it, each of them are stronger than they had been within the InuYasha collection. Miroku beforehand revealed that he was coaching within the mountains as a result of he immediately encountered a really robust demon, which he can’t defeat. On this episode, he revealed that the demon he needs to defeat is Kirinmaru. Within the InuYasha collection, Miroku has the facility of Kazaana, which makes him very robust. It’s a tunnel connected to his hand that may suck all issues even people and demons. Nevertheless, when the time comes, he’ll finally be sucked into the tunnel, resulting in his dying. It was a curse that was positioned by Naraku of their lineage. The Kazaana disappeared once they defeated Naraku. Nevertheless, it additionally signifies that Miroku misplaced a large amount of energy. That may be one of many explanation why he skilled so arduous within the Yashahime collection, to acquire a brand new energy that may rival Kirinmaru.

Sango and Miroku

Going again to Inuyasha and Kagome, they used Shippo to return to Kaede’s village to inform the folks to evacuate. On the identical time, it appears like a disaster is about to befall the Trendy period within the subsequent episode of the present. Are we lastly going to see the complete reunion of the unique crew Inuyasha? If you’re additionally curious, keep tuned within the anime. Episode 42 will air on February 5, 2022, and you may watch it on Funimation.

Additionally, in case you are blissful that you simply noticed Inuyasha and Kagome in motion once more after greater than a decade in episode 41 of Yashahime, you may vote for the anime on our weekly ballot.

Half-demon twins Towa and Setsuna had been as soon as separated, however now the daughters of Sesshomaru have reunited and are joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. After a near-death defeat by the hands of Kirinmaru, the three are decided to turn into stronger than earlier than. However as they uncover their true potential, they’ll uncover the secrets and techniques hidden of their bloodline.


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