Netflix Tomohisa Yamashita Movie, Koi Ni Ochita Le Canceled

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In November of last year, actor Tomohisa Yamashita rumored to be starring in one of the Netflix films entitled Koi ni Ochita Ie. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that the production of the remake of the film Architecture 101 has been cancelled.

Architecture 101 itself is a romance film that became one of the hits in South Korea. The upcoming remake will be set in Japan with cast and staff from Japan and South Korea. Yamashita Tomohisa was cast in the lead role, making it his first time starring in a love story in about six years.

Unfortunately, due to creative differences, it had to be decided that they had to cancel the film completely.

Originally, the film was set in 2002, 18-year-old Ibuki (Tomohisa Yamashita) studies at a university in Tokyo and dreams of becoming an architect. He met a beautiful woman named Yuna, they spent time together talking about architecture and spent an unforgettable time together.

Yuna tells Ibuki that she will design her house one day, although they have strong feelings of love for each other, neither of them expresses to each other. 19 years later, Yuna has gone through ups and downs in life, including divorce and caring for her ailing father-in-law. One day, he appears in front of Ibuki and asks him to build his house in Nishiizu.

Although it has been canceled, Yamapi fans need not worry because it was recently announced that he will appear in the second season of the Netflix drama series ‘Alice in Borderland’ which will be released in December.


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