Tower of Fantasy Launches New Trailer, Shows Gameplay Ahead of Release

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There is good news for you fans of open-world MMORPG games who are looking forward to it Tower of Fantasy. In a few days, this game will soon be launched globally for PC and mobile devices, precisely on August 11, 2022.

Publisher Infinity Level together with the developer Hotta Studio has also released two new trailer videos for Tower of Fantasy. Both videos highlight the creative features that are open to all players as well as the multiplayer action in this game.

Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy

The Creative Gameplay video trailer explores the freedom of character personalization, shows the various vehicles and modes of transportation available, dives into sci-fi weapons that support real-time combat, and shows some exciting mini-games spread across the world of Tower of Fantasy.

Meanwhile, through the Shared Open-World video trailer, players can learn about social features such as forming a team, facing bosses together, exploring the world of Aida while flying or driving a vehicle, and capturing memories in shared photos.

A new mini site for Tower of Fantasy has also been launched. Later, by visiting this site, players can get their own Aida Tour Tickets and can start their fantasy journey. Players can create anime drawings and visit their first destination on Planet Aida.

The game is set hundreds of years in the future after humanity fled Earth’s collapsing civilization and fled to the distant planet Aida, the open-world action MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is very popular among players in China, and soon players in The whole world can also join in the thrilling action.

Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy

Players will be able to enjoy sci-fi anime-style graphics with a post-apocalyptic setting, freedom to develop characters, very broad objectives, tense combat action to unlimited exploration.

Unlimited exploration
Multiplayer co-op mode
Creative features for character customization
Post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting
Anime style graphics with unique characters
Exciting and immersive combat action
Unique vehicles, sci-fi weapons and relics

Tower of Fantasy itself will open for preloading on August 9 and launch globally for PC and mobile devices on August 11, 2022 at 07:00 WIB. Tower of Fantasy is still open for initial registration on the official website, as well as on Steam, Epic Game Store, App Store, and Google Play.

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