Apparently, Final Fantasy XVI Will Not Adopt Open-World Here!

Regardless of the various trends games existing triple-A, it seems Final Fantasy XVI will not adopt the world structure open world popular ones. Reporting from IGN, the media had interviewed the producer who headed the project, Naoki Yoshida.


Final Fantasy XVI Open-world 1

Games who adheres to open world usually presents one or more worlds that are very broad and contain interesting content with a number of activitiesvitality. It also generally varies, ranging from quest regarding the main story until challenge addition.

You can find this type of game in titles such as: Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Elden Ringand many others.

Series mainline Final fantasy previously, FFXV also adheres to the structure of the game open world this. It gives party players to explore all corners of the map and unlock/uncover various quest and challenge new to enjoy.

The various regions of the world are progressively unlocked as players follow the main storyline games-his. In the end, players will unlock free-roam modewhere they can freely roam around the world games the.

Final Fantasy XVI Open-world 2

In a special interview with IGN, Yoshida revealed that Final fantasy XVI will not adopt the game open world “traditional”, but will take inspiration from other existing titles. Without mentioning a specific title, Yoshida emphasized that Square Enix’s research shows that many young players have never played the title Final fantasy long.

Due to this fact, Square Enix intends to make Final fantasy XVI Becomes games which not only delights its loyal fans, but also the new generation. For that, the creative team Final Fantasy XVI will not build the game based on open world single area just.

Instead, they will focus on design independent area-based. It will give the player a better feeling about his game with various events emerging “globally”. This could mean that Valisthea in FFXVI maybe have area smaller ones, such as maps and stage which is more linear based on each region.

The territories in question include the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Grand Duchy of Rosaria, Kingdom of Waloed, Dhalmekin Republic, Iron Kingdom, and Crystalline Dominion. The protagonist, Clive, is from Rosaria and new trailer had teased that he was the Dominant of Dark EikonIfrit.

Regardless, what do you think after finding out that Final Fantasy XVI will not adopt open world?

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