Just Got Revamp, Lemon Immediately Try Using Irithel Mobile Legends!

Hero Irithel in Mobile Legends just got revamp. This certainly attracts the attention of many players Mobile Legendsincluding pro player from the RRQ Hoshi team, Lemon.


As we know it, Mobile Legends just presented update patches The latest was on May 25, 2022 yesterday. Many buff and nerf done by Moonton’s party to some hero.

One of which is hero Irithel who got buff or increase. As a lover Marksmanof course Lemon is very excited about these changes.

Lemon’s Opinion About Revamped Irithel

Through videos thatupload on his YouTube account, Lemon is seen doing review to Irithel who has obtained revamp. He revealed that if you want to use Irithel, you have to walk around a lot.

Therefore, damage you will increase. If previously you were able to defeat the enemy just by standing still, this time it is recommended to run and move so that you will paralyze the enemy faster.

So it’s just like I have to go for a walk now, if Irihtel used to be able to just keep quiethit, damageit comes in. Only damageit’s bigger this one. You have to go for a walk often,” explained Lemon.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 18.03.42

Not only that, at the beginning of the video, lemon also had time to reveal that gold is Irithel’s “good friend”. It’s for the players Marksmanit’s good for them to play in the lane gold so that items which has been selected quickly.

Gold very valuable for Irithel, hurry up itemssaid Lemon

Lemon also said that the sound of Irithel’s latest gunfire was very satisfying alias is good to hear because it becomes smoother and more real. He said that this new Irithel was very comfortable to use, especially against Wan-Wan, who was known to be very agile in her movements.

“The Irithel that I used to use was already good for Wan-Wan, especially now. So it’s better, it’s more deliciousburst that’s it guys, damage-IMBA,” concluded Lemon.

Well, that’s Lemon’s opinion about Irithel’s performance Mobile Legends which has just beenrevamp. Who here has tried to use hero Irithel? Let us know your experience in the comments column, OK!

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