Naruto and Fortnite Second Collaboration Held, There’s Itachi!

Games withgenre battle royale well known from the United States who often collaborate with popular IPs, Fortnite rumored to be back in collaboration with Naruto.

Although this collaboration was initially called a “joke” among fans, in fact it is a collaboration Naruto with Fortnite Instead, it managed to become the most popular collaboration in Epic Games history.


This seems to be the background for Epic Games to try to repeat the success of their previous collaboration, by providing more new elements freshsuch as the addition of characters and items new. Battle ride Fortnite will be more interesting with the presence of characters Naruto!

Second Time Fortnite Teams Up with Naruto for Collaboration! Ready to See Itachi Joget Fortnite?

Fortnite will again hold a collaboration with Naruto. Collaboration Naruto x Fortnite The “Rival” 2nd edition will launch on June 24, 2022. Reporting from issues In the 24th Weekly Shounen Jump, Fortnite will be adding several new characters to its collaboration.

One of the characters that will appear in this collaboration is Itachi, a character who has the most serious and ambitious background story in universe Naruto Shippuden.

Just like collaboration One Punch Man x Free FireUP Station is not ready to see Itachi perform at all jump shootfollowed by action taunting dance in front of a dying enemy.

Besides Itachi, there are also Hinata, Gaara, and Orochimaru who will be present as feature character whose costumes can be used by the players inside games.

In addition to the characters, this collaboration will also feature accessories and glider in-game Fortnite theme Naruto. Adding accessories and glider this was done by Fortnite to add to the festive atmosphere in events this collaboration.

Unfortunately, there is still limited information for the details of events this.

If we refer to the previous Naruto event, the price range for each costume is relatively affordable. for those of you who are interested, you have to spend in the price range of IDR 220,000 to IDR 350,000 for items-his.

UP Station highly recommends that you don’t miss it events-his! Due to period time events this is definitely limited.

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