PUBG Mobile Officially Collaborates with The Great British Teddy Bear

As one of the battle royale game most popular, PUBG Mobile again presents a unique collaboration with various items interesting and events which is no less fun.

This time, PUBG Mobile will collaborate with one of the UK’s leading doll manufacturers, The Great British Teddy Bear. This collaboration feels very unique because for the first time PUBG Mobile will collaborate with doll manufacturers.


So, what will be present at the collaboration? PUBG Mobile x The Great British Teddy Bear this time? Here’s more information for you!

PUBG Mobile x The Great British Teddy Bear

Events PUBG Mobile x The Great British Teddy Bear has officially been here since June 21, 2022. Same as PUBG Mobile events in general, events This will last for 1 month until July 22, 2022.

Through events In this, players will be given a mission to collect cotton. Later, you can combine this cotton to make a GB Teddy Bear doll.

Not only that, you can also exchange it for the main prize presented, namely skin permanent Frog Tourist Set and Frog Tourist Cover.

Events It presents 2 different missions, namely daily missions and weekly missions. Players can get 3 cottons from daily missions and 10 cottons from weekly missions.

To be able to make dolls, players must collect 6 cotton for 1 Teddy Bear doll. Those of you who have collected as many dolls as possible can also get gifts from progress milestones. Here’s the list of prizes:

  • 1GB Teddy Bear: 50 AG
  • 3GB Teddy Bear: 1x Supply Crate Coupon
  • 7 GB Teddy Bear: Cuddly Panda Pan (7 Days Duration)
  • 10 GB Teddy Bear: 1x Classic Crate Coupon
  • 13 GB Teddy Bear: Frog Tourist Cover (Permanent)
  • 17 GB Teddy Bear: Frog Tourist Set (Permanent)

PUBG Great British Teddy

Not only that, you can also display the Teddy Bear that you have made in the collection cupboard that has been provided. This will certainly make players more excited to complete the existing missions.

Wow, so much fun events this latest! Who has tried events the latest PUBG Mobile x The Great British Teddy Bear? Share your experience in the comments column, yes!

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