Rarely Happens, Xbox Series X|S Beats PS5 Sales in Japan

Widih, the sales of Xbox Series X are really selling well in the Japanese market!


Sony seems to have to swallow a bitter result last week because the sales of its released product, PlayStation 5 (PS5), were defeated by Microsoft through the Xbox Series. next gen hers. This is a bit ironic, considering brand Sony (original Japanese) is brand which often dominate the market share of Japanese electronic products.


Reporting from data released by Famitsu, sales of Xbox Series X|S products are said to far exceed sales of PS5 products. Comparison of sales results between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in Japan is even about 2 times adrift.

It was noted that sales of Xbox Series products next gen in total it can reach sales of up to 6,695 units, while the PS5 can only reach 3,305 units.

Still from website At the same time, the Series X and Series S products themselves seem to have sales figures that beat the sales figures for the PS5, with Series X successfully reaching sales figures of 3,272 units and Series S at 3,423 units.

This is not the first time that Sony’s PS5 sales have been beaten by the Xbox Series X|S. Last year, the Xbox Series X|S luckily managed to sell 3,000 units in just a week.

The main reason why Xbox has been able to excel in its sales week in Japan is due to problems supply limited components, so that fewer PS5 products can be produced and sold.

On paper, currently the PS5 is overall still has much bigger sales than the Xbox Series X|S. Famitsu reports that since sales began, PS5 units have now nearly reached 1.7 million sold, while Xbox Series X/S has only reached 232 thousand units sold.

Fyi, Series X and Series S are two versions of the Xbox that can be said to be “similar but not the same”. The X Series has a beast engine component capable of running games superheavy at higher resolutions (4K or even 8K), while the Series S is a lighter version capable of running games heavy, but the resolution is still limited at 1080p.

In Indonesia, the Xbox Series X is pegged at around Rp. 8.8 million and the Xbox Series S is in the price range of Rp. 4 – 5 million. This price is relatively affordable when compared to the PS5 which is usually priced at Rp. 11 million, considering that the stock is very limited.

So, you team #PlayStation or #XboxSeries here?

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