Tower of Fantasy Holds CBT Volume 2 Starting June 22, 2022

Previously, the game Tower of Fantasy had successfully held Closed Beta Test (CBT) the first volume from April to May in five countries. This time, the game again invites Wanderers (as Tower of Fantasy players) from Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, the United States and Japan to explore the world of Aesperia through the second CBT phase.

Don’t miss it because registration is limited and will only start on June 22, 2022 at 07:00 WIB and lasts for five days. During this period, Wanderers users of Android devices and PCs can download and register through Tower of Fantasy advertisements that have been spread across various sites platform social media.


Then, wait until the number of registrations reaches the specified number, Tower of Fantasy will share a download link that can be accessed by all Wanderers through Tower of Fantasy’s official social media accounts.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-22 at 12.51.53

Please note, Tower of Fantasy is an immersive 3D open-world game developed by Hotta Studio and will soon be published in Indonesia by Level Infinite. This game incorporates unique character modification features, motion capture like television films and the big screen, exploration of a world full of freedom.

Not only that, the design style used is also similar sci-fi with stunning views, interactive puzzle elements, and fast-paced combat to deliver a post-apocalyptic rescue story from the threat of destruction. Experience unlimited fun adventures and explore Aesperia in the game Tower of Fantasy via CBT starting June 22, 2022!

Tower of Fantasy is an Action RPG game set in a post apocalypse world on a planet called Aida, where humans have created a civilization focused on an energy called Omnium. With a variety of powerful weapons, each character in the game has a playstyle which can be explored one by one story.

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