After the concert in Japan, NCT’s Jungwoo tested positive for COVID-19

Jakarta (Shirogadget) – NCT’s Jungwoo tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Korea after a Japanese gig.

Yesterday, SM Entertainment announced that following the successful completion of their tour in Japan, the members of NCT 127 had undergone routine PCR tests as part of the standard procedure for re-entering the country.

Prior to his departure from Japan, Jungwoo’s PCR test results were reportedly negative so he was allowed to fly back to Korea. But when he arrived in Korea and returned to do the test, Jungwoo got a positive result.

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“Jungwoo tested negative on the PCR test he underwent before leaving Japan, but according to the COVID-19 regulations, he underwent another PCR test after returning to Korea, and the test result came back positive,” said SM Entertainment as quoted by Soompi, Thursday.

“Jungwoo previously received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and he is currently asymptomatic. Currently, he has stopped all scheduled activities and is self-isolating in accordance with the guidelines of the government health authorities,” he continued.

Furthermore, the agency that oversees NCT also reported that apart from Jungwoo, all NCT 127 members tested negative after arriving in Korea. So they were all allowed to return.

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