Judy and Youngheun officially leave the girl group BLACKSWAN

Jakarta (Shirogadget) – The agency announced that Judy and Youngheun BLACKSWAN officially left the group.

Earlier this year, BLACKSWAN added two new members namely Sriya and Gabi to the group lineup them, which means they will be promoting as a four-member group for now.

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But now, the DR Music agency has officially announced that Judy and Youngheun are leaving girl group BLACKSWAN.

“First of all, we would like to thank Lumina (BLACKSWAN fandom) for always supporting BLACKSWAN’s Youngheun and Judy, who have been BLACKSWAN members since their debut until graduating from BLACKSWAN,” the agency said as broadcast by Soompi, Monday (1/8). ).

“We had several discussions with Youngheun and Judy about the future over the past few months, but Youngheun and Judy decided to take different paths to fulfill their new dreams, and we also decided to respect their move,” he added.

However, the agency also announced that for the time being, BLACKSWAN will still have four members.

“BLACKSWAN will be participating in their schedule with the four existing members for the time being,” he said.

“As this is an important matter, we sincerely apologize for the delay in updating to make a careful decision and for causing concern to fans. Lastly, please support BLACKSWAN members and Youngheun and Judy who graduated,” he concluded.

Judy and Youngheun debuted as BLACKSWAN in 2020. After leaving the girl group, the two of them have now returned to being Koh Young Heun and Kim Da Hye.

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