Kep1er shows a fresher atmosphere in the second mini-album

Jakarta (Shirogadget) – K-pop group Kep1er on Monday (19/6) local time launched its second mini album (EP) entitled “Doublast” by offering a fresher atmosphere than its debut mini album.

“We displayed charismatic charms in ‘Wa Da Da’, single highlight of our debut EP. But this time, we will present a fresher atmosphere,” said the leader (leader) Yujin’s group during a press event at YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, Seoul, South Korea, Monday (19/6), quoted from The Korea Times.

“Doublast” was released about five months after the release of the debut EP “First Impact”. Through “Doublast”, the group invites fans into the universe they created with a music video with the concept of “Kep1er Island”.

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“We wanted to show that we can also do something different like this,” said Chaehyun.

The song “Up!” has a rhythm that unites two genres, namely funk house and soulful house. According to Dayeon, this song represents the strength of the members, unlike other K-pop summer songs which are synonymous with cheerfulness.

Besides “Up!”, the other four songs on the new album include “Le Voya9e”, “Attention”, “Good Night”, and “Rewind” which all have different stories. The song “Attention”, for example, is about a love that begins with friendship.

“I wish the music video for ‘Up!’ can reach 100 million views on YouTube,” said a member from China, Xiaoting.

Mashiro added that he also hopes that the song will reach number one on the music charts if the music video exceeds 30 million views.

The group Kep1er was formed through the talent show Girls Planet 999 on the TV channel Mnet in 2021. In early June, the group appeared on the TV program Queendom 2 to compete with four girl other K-pop groups are WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Loona, Brave Girls, and VIVIZ, as well as soloist Hyolyn.

Despite being ranked sixth in the rating, the TV program still won the attention of global fans with Kep1er’s performance of the song “The Boys”. The song garnered nearly five million views on YouTube on Monday (19/6).

“Our relationship got stronger after we went through difficult times together while filming ‘Queendom2’,” said Chaehyun.

Youngeun added that they became more understanding of each other and built up chemistry which is good thanks to participating in a competition TV program.

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