Smile ARMY raises funds through art exhibitions in Jakarta and Bandung

Hopefully this year’s donation will be bigger than last year

Jakarta (Shirogadget) – ARMY’s smiles joined in celebrating the anniversary of BTS and ARMY–as BTS fans are called–, by raising funds through art exhibitions in Jakarta and Bandung.

“When BTS no longer accepts gifts from fans directly, gifts by fans are delivered through various events. That’s when the idea came to us to make art exhibition and charity which is a gift from ARMY Smiles for our idol BTS,” said Selly Wilson as founder from Smile ARMY when found in South Jakarta, Saturday.

“Hopefully, this year’s donations will be bigger than last year. Last year we also achieved a decent amount. The difference this year is that we gave part of the ticket purchases to UNICEF,” he continued.

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Collaborating with UNICEF, Smile ARMY will support the ‘Back To School’ program to return children who have dropped out of school. This collaboration includes the donation of a portion of ticket sales and attendance booth UNICEF at this exhibition, as well as fundraising through crowdfunding.

“This year the goal is to support Indonesian children to return to school. So this year our campaign with Smile ARMY is to make BTS ARMY For BTS (Back To School) children. It taglinehim,” said Kezia Rahmaningtyas as Unicef ​​Indonesia Priority Donor Relations.

ARMY smile will hold two events in Jakarta and Bandung. In Jakarta, the community will hold an art exhibition entitled “Remedy” at Plaza Indonesia from June 6 to August 4, 2022.

Art exhibition “Remedy” (Shirogadget/Lifia Mawaddah Putri)

The 525-meter exhibition will feature 11 rooms featuring installations, paintings, and contemporary dance videos inspired by BTS’ work on the albums “Map Of The Soul: Persona” and “Map Of The Soul: 7”.

“Why did we choose MOTS, because I personally like the album. The songs on the album are also very inspiring,” explained Selly.

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“Why do we give names? exhibition This is ‘Remedy’, because the songs on the album are a remedy in difficult times for us. In this time of pandemic, these songs make us excited. Remedy is also a lyric piece on the album Map Of The Soul,” he continued.

Not only that, the “Remedy” exhibition will also feature shoes specially designed for BTS in the performance of the song Black Swan.

Meanwhile, the exhibition “When will we meet?” will be held at the Kala Kini Later gallery, Bandung. The exhibition will feature digital art in collaboration with the audio-visual practitioners of Sembilan Matahari. From June 9 to July 10, visitors can experience a digital experience like watching a live BTS concert through an audio-visual show.

Exhibition tickets “Remedy” and “When will we meet?” can be purchased at Gotix or Livin by Mandiri. There is a direct discount of IDR 50,000 for Bank Mandiri cardholders who buy 3 tickets.

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