TAG Golden Child is ready to return after missing health problems

Jakarta (Shirogadget) – Golden Child TAG members will resume some of their activities after a hiatus due to health problems.

Last month, TAG was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with problems with his liver. At that time, the medical suggested TAG needed treatment and rest.

Therefore, TAG has suspended all activities with Golden Child. For the time being, Golden Child is also promoting as an eight-member group, Soompi reported on Monday.

Today, Woollim Entertainment’s agency officially announced that TAG’s health has improved. He will also rejoin the group for their activities. However, with the exception of the group’s activities overseas, such as the ongoing US tour.

“Last month, due to TAG’s health deteriorating. As per the doctor’s advice, he needed treatment and rest, he stopped all scheduled activities and focused on his treatment and recovery. Since then, TAG’s health has improved tremendously thanks to continuous examinations and treatment. Due to the doctor’s opinion that he has been able to promote and TAG’s personal desire to continue his activities, he plans to promote again with Golden Child,” the agency wrote.

“Because we consider the health and safety of our artist as our top priority, he will not be participating in the group’s scheduled overseas activities. Our agency will do our best to ensure that all of our artists can promote in good health.”

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