Be careful, these 4 zodiac signs usually have evil intentions when giving advice – Don’t be too trusting when asking for advice or advice from your own friends. It could be that they have ulterior motives and want to bring us down.

Not all advice comes from the best place. There are some people who are nosy about this aspect of your life. Based on astrology, quoted from Pink VillaThursday (23/6) generally a number of zodiac signs give the worst advice with evil intentions.

1. Gemini

Gemini zodiac illustration. (Sturdy Praba Wardani/Dok.

There are some signs like Gemini who give the worst advice because they have pure hatred at heart for certain people. It would be a pleasure for them to wait and watch their friends suffer while they learn the secret of their friend’s destruction. Geminis still love to be chaste and offer advice to everyone.

2. Leo

There are some friends who envy other people when they are doing well in their life. That’s Leo. They love it when friends who are competitors fall and get burned. Beware of Leo because they are often enemies in life. Taking their advice is filled with envy of other people’s success.

3. Libra

Libras themselves often act to give bad advice. Their intentions are not always malicious, but they often look down on others and assume that their own faults are universal and shared by all. This makes their advice unreliable.

4. Virgo

Some Virgos often give advice to their friends. Unfortunately, their judgmental views are often toxic. The advice they offer their friends, makes it bad advice that should not be acted upon. Virgo has a superior nature over them.

Editor : Nurul Adriyana Salbiah

Reporter : Marieska Harya Virdhani


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