Celebrities Join the Gucci Challenge, from Tasya Farasya to Sarwendah

JawaPos.com – Social media trends to use the product fashion brands from Gucci, a label from Italy, enlivened by the country’s celebrities. They are busy wearing Gucci products and style on social media like international supermodels in the TikTok application, namely the Gucci Model Challenge.

In fact, this challenge has been boom in 2020, but now it’s back to being followed by celebrities.

JawaPos.com, Thursday (19/5) tried to summarize who took the challenge. Some are really serious, some are made with parody packaging.

1. Tasya Farasya

Beauty vlogger beautiful Tasya Farasya looks like an international super model with various Gucci products. He appears classy with mix and match with Gucci products.

Tasya combined a brown blazer with a matching scarf and floral skirt. She also holds a Gucci clutch and wedges and poses like a supermodel.

Editor : Estu Suryowati

Reporter : Marieska Harya Virdhani


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