Don’t Want Acne? Avoid These Foods When Iftar – Select the appropriate meals when breaking the quick. Nonetheless should include balanced diet akin to greens and fruit. However, when you select an excessive amount of oily and candy meals, it would set off zits.

Pores and skin and Gender Specialist from Bamed Clinic, dr. Aninda Marina, SpDV, mentioned iftar with candy meals or extreme oily meals may cause zits. Furthermore, the sleep cycle throughout Ramadan should change or shift as a result of exercise of consuming sahur.

“Particularly with an absence of sleep that may disrupt the conventional circadian rhythm, making it simpler for zits to develop,” he mentioned nearly not too long ago.

In accordance with him, there are a number of issues that have to be carried out to maintain pores and skin wholesome whereas fasting, specifically, fluid wants have to be met by ingesting a minimum of 1.5 liters of water in 24 hours or 30ml/kgbb/24 hours when breaking the quick or sahur. Keep away from consumption of espresso and soda, as a result of these drinks can inhibit vitamins and intrude with pores and skin moisture that triggers dry pores and skin.

“Keep away from an excessive amount of candy meals when breaking the quick as a result of it might probably trigger zits. Scale back the consumption of extra sugar in drinks and meals,” he mentioned.

In accordance with dr. Aninda, select the appropriate meals with balanced diet. Something?

Advanced Carbohydrates

Make certain to eat low-sugar complicated carbohydrates. For instance, brown rice and tubers.


You possibly can select fish, tempeh, tofu, crimson meat, rooster, and numerous different animal and vegetable protein meals.

Vegetable and fruit

Greens and fruits which can be wealthy in nutritional vitamins A, B and C in iftar and suhoor meals. These nutritional vitamins are helpful for pores and skin regeneration in order that the pores and skin is at all times wholesome. Provided that vitamins will be diminished when fasting, it’s higher to recurrently add vitamin D supplementation to your routine.
Vitamin D along with stopping the recurrence of pores and skin illnesses akin to eczema may enhance immunity whereas fasting.

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