Is it true that goat ‘torpedoes’ can increase male vitality? – Every time the sacrificial animal is slaughtered, some people choose the most vital part of the goat’s body. That part is the ‘torpedo’ or testicle. This part does function as a part that produces the hormone testosterone and sperm cells.

So far, people believe that goat torpedoes can provide vitality or increase sexual arousal in men.

Is that true? Or just a myth?

“Demand for securing goat torpedoes when slaughtering sacrificial animals will increase. Most people believe that torpedoes or undercooked goat satay can increase sexual arousal,” said Internal Medicine Specialist and also Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI) Prof Ari Fahrial Syam to JawaPos.comSunday (10/7).

Is this the fact or is it just a myth that people continue to believe to be true? On this holiday, some people will enjoy foods that contain goat meat. Most link the consumption of goat meat with an increase in sexual arousal or libido.

“There is even a recommendation not to eat too much goat meat for bachelors because it can be difficult to channel their sexual desires after consuming goat meat,” said Ari.

According to him, information about torpedoes and the consumption of undercooked meat has long been believed to increase sexual arousal or libido, even though science still says that this is actually just a myth that continues to develop in the community. According to him, the increase in sexual arousal is not solely due to goat meat and torpedoes.

“Indeed, goat testicles contain a lot of testosterone which can increase sexual arousal. But actually the increase in sexual arousal occurs due to multifactors and is not solely related to food, “explained Ari.

“It could be because they feel that they have consumed a goat torpedo, someone feels confident that their libido will increase and it could be that this high spirit is what ultimately increases a person’s libido,” he explained.

Editor : Banu Adikara

Reporter : Marieska Harya Virdhani


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