Kebaya Ready to Travel the World and Recognized by UNESCO – The Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (Pandi) together with the cultural preservation community including the Indonesian Women in Berkebaya (PBI), the Digital Nusantara Culture Foundation (YBND), the Rancage Cultural Foundation, and the Tanah Merah Se wide (STM) held the launch of the Kebaya Tradition page. The launch of the site is claimed to be a support for the Kebaya Goes to UNESCO movement which was decided at the National Berkebaya Congress held by PBI on 5 and 6 April 2021 ago. One of the decisions of the congress is to bring Kebaya Clothing to be submitted as an intangible world cultural heritage to UNESCO.

In addition, the cultural conservation community also encourages the Government to be pleased to establish a National Berkebaya Day. This movement is also supported by various communities of women who love culture, especially the kebaya.

Besides being supported by the cultural conservation community, the Kebaya Goes to Unesco movement also received support from a well-known Indonesian art worker, Dian Sastrowardoyo. According to him, this is important to be able to preserve Kebaya so that it can be recognized in the international arena. Dian also invited the community to take part in preserving the culture of the archipelago.

“Let’s preserve the kebaya as a noble heritage of the nation and be proud to make it part of the intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia for the world,” said Dian.

The Kebaya Tradition site itself contains information about the history and articles that discuss the types of kebaya. The public can get involved in the movement by taking pictures using a kebaya and uploading the photo into the application that has been provided.

The implementation will start on August 9, 2022 until December 9, 2022. The Kebaya Tradition Site is an important part of accommodating the evidence and support needed by UNESCO in the registration process.


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