PUMA Releases Sports Hijab for Hijabers

JawaPos.com – The sports brand PUMA launched the sports headscarf in Indonesia to serve more people, especially women who wear the hijab. This is the first sports hijab from PUMA which is specially designed to help hijabi women to be able to exercise freely, move comfortably throughout the day, quoted from AMONG.

This sports hijab is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that offers flexibility and versatility. This sports hood can be worn during sports, such as at the track, field or gym, but is said to be able to be worn all day.

The sports hijab from this brand is made so that the wearer can move comfortably, but still cover the genitals. The hood is designed long past the chest area. Not only that, this sports hijab also has a small opening in the ear that can be used to wear earphones or earbuds.

The veil displayed by this brand is black, can be worn to cover the chest or tucked into a sports jacket. The white brand logo adorns the top of the hood.

This is not the first sport headscarf in Indonesia, other brands have also launched sports headscarves to make it easier for veiled women who are actively moving.

In 2018, the local brand Noore came up with the concept of Muslim women’s sportswear which was made looser with various accessories, including headscarves.


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