Snacking hobby, Tya Arestya and Sabai Dieter’s children still have an appetite – Generally, mothers have difficulty telling their toddlers or children to eat. Because children generally prefer snacking or snacking. It’s different with celebrities and momfluencers Tya Arestya and Sabai Dieter. They have never had a problem with getting their children to eat, even though they like snacking.

In a special edition with the thematic Minions character based on the latest film, The Rise of Gru, Maggie Effendy from Mondelez Indonesia said that the Empower People to Snack Right campaign educates the public, especially parents, to understand the snacking habits of their children. So that parents can bring the right snack, at the right time, and make it in the right way.

“How to choose snacks to explore, be more creative, then share the joy with the family, but also the right snacks for children and all ages,” he said in a recent Mini OREO and Cadbury Lickables discussion in Jakarta.

Tips for Tya Ariesya

Tya Arestya as a Mom Influencer explained that a mother plays a role in maintaining family togetherness and warmth, and one of them can be done through snacking activities. In order to maintain the togetherness and warmth of the family, the snacks he chose were those that were able to make the moment of snacking together in my family more exciting.

“For example, children learn colors, then they learn to share, so they can explore more. Snacking is not only eating but also learning,” said Tya.

Editor : Edy Pramana

Reporter : Marieska Harya Virdhani


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