The fate of these 3 zodiac signs is predicted to be less fortunate during the month of July – The change of month doesn’t always go well. Obstacles in career, finance, and love matters, should be faced with self-evaluation. July this time can be a month that is not good for some individuals.

Based on astrology, the 3 zodiac signs, namely Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, should be calmer and more introspective. Reported from Elite DailySaturday (2/7), fate and luck were not on their side this July.


Taurus zodiac illustration (Sturdy Praba Wardani/Dok.

Taurus will have to reevaluate what went wrong. It’s time to look back on your own mistakes and examine how past mistakes have become an experience.

Taurus should be more creative, confident, and proud. Taurus should be more sensitive and caring about other people. So that other people will welcome it with pleasure.


Virgo zodiac illustration (Sturdy Praba Wardani/Dok.

Virgo is having a confidence crisis and has mental health issues this month. Virgo prefers solitude to social gatherings.

Virgo spends time doing self-reflection. Try to prioritize yourself to build more pleasure on your own. In terms of health, try to rest or just Me Time to be more relaxed.


Capricorn zodiac illustration (Sturdy Praba Wardani/Dok.

Capricorn is experiencing health problems in this month. Try to apply the intention in your heart to set some boundaries for a healthier life. Capricorns are known for helping others when they need it, but it’s important for them to feel recognized and appreciated.

This month, Virgo feels like they’ve worked too hard but are still being neglected. Try to just vent or share, then you will feel much better and relieve yourself of the burden.

Editor : Edy Pramana

Reporter : Marieska Harya Virdhani


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