After Cancellation, Warner Bros. Rework Batgirl Movie?

Batgirl is one of the DCEU films that has been impacted by Warner Bros.’s shift in strategy. who finally decided to cancel the film. Sadly, the film, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, has actually completed the shooting process. Where the actors involved, such as Leslie Grace, Jacob Scipio, Brendan Fraser, Michael Keaton, and JK Simmons, are just waiting for the post-production stage to be completed and the film to be released on the HBO Max streaming channel.

The response from WB itself actually didn’t really explain to fans why the Batgirl movie wasn’t showing. Previously, WB explained that the reason for the cancellation was completely unrelated to the appearance of the cast. But because of the movie Batgirl too big to hit HBO Max and too small to hit theaters. Not a few fans who feel strange for this reason, especially because this cancellation occurred when the production of the film was almost complete.

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Warner Bros. Back to Working on Batgirl Movie?

Recently, Deadline claims that actress Leslie Grace and directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are in new negotiations with Warner Bros. According to sources, the studio is currently trying to rework the film Batgirl after its cancellation some time ago. Reportedly this happened because the new CEO of WB, David Zaslav, did not want to continue the strategy of his predecessor who wanted to increase HBO Max subscribers.

Does this mean movie Batgirl will they return to rework? So far, WB itself has not issued an official statement. However, if it is true they will return to continue the project Batgirl, most likely later they will improve the quality of the film so that it can be shown in theaters. Moreover, to be more in tune with WB’s new plans regarding the future of the DCEU, which reportedly has a dedicated team for new projects for the next ten years.

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Remembering since the beginning of the film Batgirl intended to be broadcast on streaming channels, of course WB will have to pay more if it wants to convert the format into a widescreen movie. In addition, they also have to re-contract with the crew and cast, which is not easy. However, given the enthusiasm for the film, it shouldn’t be a bad move. Let’s just wait, geeks, what will be the fate of the film Batgirl going forward.


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