Kamala Khan Becomes a Vital Character in The Marvels!

This year seems to have been quite an interesting moment for loyal fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because Marvel Studios itself has brought several new superheroes from Marvel Comics through their shows. One of them is a Muslim teenage superhero named Kamala Khan alias Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) who just came out with his solo series. Entering the third week of serial broadcasting Ms. Marvelnot a few fans who make Kamala their favorite.

Serial Ms. Marvel itself tells the story of Kamala’s adventures in New Jersey, as a Pakistani descent who lives her new life as a superhero. Where it all started after she put on her great-grandmother, Aisha’s bracelet, which allowed her to manipulate crystal energy with her mind. Since wearing the mysterious bracelet, Kamala can finally feel a little bit what it’s like to be a superhero like her idol, Captain Marvel.

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Kamala Khan Wasn’t Just a Cameo in The Marvels

After serial Ms. Marvel After finishing its broadcast later, the character of Kamala herself will definitely be back in the sequel film Captain Marvel entitled The Marvels. And recently, during an interview with Variety, actress Iman Vellani revealed that her role in the film The Marvels coming will be more than a cameo. He said that the appearance of Ms. Marvel in the second Captain Marvel film will greatly affect the story

“Before they announced The Marvels lineup, I got word from Disney PR. I also got a message from Brie Larson and all of our producers that I was involved in the film, I immediately thanked her.” Vellani said. “I did have a hunch, but only as a cameo. Not as the main star, and that’s really cool.”

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With this latest statement from Vellani, it seems that Ms. Marvel will have plenty of time to appear in movies The Marvels later. Of course, he will also be accompanied by other main stars, such as Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Monica Rambeu (Teyonah Parris). Let’s just wait for their action, during the movie The Marvels airs on July 28, 2023.


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