Reaping Controversy, Warner Bros. Still Releases The Flash Movie?

The Flash is the DC Extended Universe movie fans have been anticipating for a long time. The film itself will focus on the character Barry Allen aka Flash who was last seen in the film Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In the hands of director Andy Muschietti and scriptwriter Christina Hodson, this film will reportedly take the theme of the DC Multiverse. Where rumors of this Flash action will indirectly reset the DC Extended Universe as a whole.

Although there are many factors that are quite promising, unfortunately the film The Flash had to be marred by a number of controversies from its main actor, Ezra Miller. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began worldwide, to date there have been at least two controversial cases involving Miller. Including strangling a fan at a bar. Then do grooming force on others. And most recently let a child live on a farm in which there are guns and marijuana.

Warner Bros. Can’t Cancel The Flash Movie

The various controversies that Miller has done in recent times have indirectly influenced the release of the film The Flash. Where many fans have threatened to boycott the film if it still involves Miller. Unfortunately, Warner Bros as the film company that oversees the DCEU doesn’t seem to be able to cancel the film The Flash just like that. Variety reported that WB could not do this because the budget they had spent on the film was too large.

Still in the same report, Variety even claiming that in addition to not being able to cancel it, WB couldn’t allow the film to air on HBO Max either. They also couldn’t reshoot to replace Miller with another actor, due to filming The Flash It has been completed since October 2021.

Based on this report, WB itself seems to still be committed to keep releasing films The Flash at the cinema. For now, they just hope the Ezra Miller controversy doesn’t heat up fans’ emotions and keep watching the film when it’s released. Where it’s not very easy for WB and loyal DC fans as a whole. If WB doesn’t change its mind, the film itself is scheduled to hit theaters around the world on June 23, 2023.


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