Ryan Gosling Appears Quirky in Barbie Movie!

All toy fans around the world know what Barbie is. As a fashion doll created by Mattel, Inc. Barbie has spread all over the world, including Indonesia, since the 60s. And now, it seems that this popular toy is about to hit the Hollywood industry with movies live action. In the hands of director Greta Gerwig, film Barbie this will involve the beautiful actress Margot Robbie as the main star.

First time Warner Bros. announced that they would develop a film Barbie, not a few fans who doubt it. However, in the end, fans’ opinions began to change after knowing that there were many interesting actors involved in it. Apart from Robbie who plays Barbie, this film will definitely involve Ryan Gosling as a male fashion doll who is often his partner, namely Ken.

First Look Gosling in Barbie Movie

Ken’s first look, which WB just shared, shows how Gosling’s look changed his hair to be blonde. This Canadian actor looks more American in a suit vest and jeans. Where he is seen shirtless while showing off quite clear muscle lines. Instead of wearing branded clothes, Ken’s character is actually seen wearing underwear with his own name written on the elastic at the waist.

Interestingly, Ken also seems to be posing in the pink house which Indonesians often refer to as ‘Barbie’s house’. While it’s pretty clear that Gosling’s appearance in an all-jeans outfit will become one of Ken’s trademarks, previous reports have revealed that Ken and Barbie will be wearing various fashion variations in the film.

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Ryan Gosling himself is indeed famous as a handsome actor who is often involved in romantic drama films, such as The Notebook and La La Land. So, it seems that it will be very interesting to see how Gosling’s acting is when he plays a role with Margot Robbie. If there are no obstacles, the film will be released in theaters on July 21, 2023.


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