This is One Piece Film Duration: Red!

The latest film from the One Piece series, namely One Piece Film: Red, will be premiering in the coming months. In Japan, the film is scheduled to be released in August. Meanwhile, for screenings outside Japan, there is still no official date. However, several countries have confirmed that they will show the film. The Red film will be the fifteenth film in the entire One Piece franchise.

The film itself will focus on a new story which of course will be very interesting. For example, we’ll take a look at some of the newest characters like Gordon and the one that fans are looking forward to the most, namely Uta. Uta is one of the newest characters that Oda has introduced. Oda admitted that he had been bored to draw adult male characters or the like.

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The Longest One Piece Film

Talking about the Red film, slowly information about the film has begun to be revealed. The most recent is that we finally know the duration of the film. Based on available information, One Piece Film: Red will have a duration of 120 minutes or two hours. This makes Red the longest-running One Piece film. Usually, One Piece feature films are less than 120 minutes long.

For example, movies One Piece: Stampede which was released a few years ago only lasted 101 minutes. Then, movie One Piece: Strong World has a duration of 115. One Piece Movie Z has a duration of 107 and One Piece Gold has a duration of 119 minutes. Based on the duration, there may be many interesting things or moments that appear throughout the film.

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For example, we will see a little about the story of Shanks’ past. On the other hand, we may also see a bit of Luffy’s past in Foosha village and his togetherness with Uta. And of course what fans are most looking forward to is the story about the relationship between Uta and Shanks, and how Uta will become one of the villains who appear in the film. Let’s just wait, geeks, other latest news from the film Red.


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