Will These Characters Die in Thor: Love & Thunder?

Thor: Love and Thunder is a Marvel Cinematic Universe film that currently fans are anticipating its presence. The story itself tells the story of the gods, especially Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who must face the god-slaying supervillain, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale). This fourth Thor solo film will be returned by director Taika Waititi, who previously managed to bring Ragnarok (2017). Even though he is known to often bring a film style full of comedy, in Waititi’s hands it is not always happy ending as we thought.

In Ragnarok we can see the death of a number of favorite characters, such as Odin, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun, and Skurge. And what’s even more terrifying, maybe we’ll see something similar in here Love and Thunder. Where some of our favorite characters may die at the hands of Gorr who has a bitter grudge against the Gods. Especially in Marvel Comics itself, Gorr has proven to be able to kill various gods in the most terrible ways, including Falligar the Behemoth. Who is the most likely to die in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder? Check it out below, geeks!


The appearance of Zeuz (Russell Crowe) in the MCU itself is actually quite surprising for fans. Because after a long time, he just emerged as a figure that seems superior to Thor. Where can we see this in the trailer love and thunder, when Zeuz stripped Thor in Omnipotence City with just a flick of his hand. However, despite his prowess, there is a possibility that he will become one of Gorr’s victims which is meant to be a testament to how terrible the God Butcher is. Because only with this premise can we admit how deep Gorr’s grudge was that he could kill the God King of Olympus.

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Some time back, Marvel has confirmed the return of actress Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Love and Thunder. However, until now we haven’t seen it at all in the movie trailer. This has sparked fan assumptions that Sif would be one of the victims of Gorr the God Butcher. Given that he has played quite an important role in the first two Thor films, his death will be quite impactful for fans as well as the story Love and Thunder overall. Because if he really died this time, it meant that Sif would follow the Warriors Three of Asgard to Valhalla, namely Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun.


Of the many Marvel characters that Waititi introduced in Ragnarok, Korg is Thor’s new best friend whom he directly plays. Even though the showtime is not much, but this Kronan fighter is already a favorite among fans. However, given his close relationship with the God of Thunder, fans are starting to worry that Korg will die in Love and Thunder. This could have happened to make a huge impact on Thor. His death at the hands of Gorr, can make Thor angry that he finally vows not to let Gorr do any worse.

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The next character who has the potential to die is Valkyrie from actress Tessa Thompson. in the movie Love and Thunder it was confirmed that he would become the King of New Asgard. Meaning, he already qualified to be a big target for Gorr. In the trailer of the film, we can see how Valkyrie and Gorr fight in the God Butcher’s territory, the Shadow Realm. Where the footage has indirectly explained how threatened the life of the Valkyrie is. If he does die later, perhaps it is at this point that Thor will finally fulfill his destiny as the true King of New Asgard.


Finally, a character that has the potential to die in Love and Thunder was Gorr the God Butcher himself. Because after what he’s done and after going through all the theories we’re discussing now, in the end there’s no reason for Thor to let Gorr live. Surely this death event seems to be happening at the end of the climax Love and Thunder, after he expressed his vengeful feelings by slaughtering the gods. Gorr’s death itself can be the end of a story that is quite beautiful and heartbreaking for Thor and Mighty Thor (Jane Foster). Because in the adventure they went through, it turned out that there were many fates of death that they had to accept.

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Those are the characters in Thor: Love & Thunder which is very likely to die. The existence of these characters itself is actually quite impactful for the film. And with their deaths, of course it will make the Thor film which is less than two hours long even more dramatic. What do you think? If this really happened, are you ready to lose these characters? Let’s just wait for the truth when the movie Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in Indonesian cinemas on July 6 tomorrow.


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