How long is the incubation period for acute hepatitis to trigger symptoms? This is what the doctor said

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The incubation interval for hepatitis is the time interval when an individual is contaminated and signs could develop. Member of the hepatitis knowledgeable committee of the Ministry of Well being (Kemenkes RI), Prof. Dr. Dr. Rino Alvani Gani, SpPD-KGEH, revealed that the incubation interval will depend on the reason for the hepatitis.

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“For the incubation interval for acute hepatitis, it will depend on the virus, relying on the trigger,” he mentioned in a digital webinar, Saturday (14/5/2022).

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If an individual is initially contaminated with the hepatitis A virus, the incubation interval is about two weeks. Likewise with hepatitis B, the incubation interval reaches between two to 4 weeks.

“For instance, for hepatitis A, the incubation interval is about two weeks. For hepatitis B, it will possibly take between two to 4 weeks,” he continued.

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As for the mysterious hepatitis that has not too long ago brought on a commotion, Prof. Rino cannot ensure as a result of till now it is nonetheless unknown what the precise trigger is.

“As for the mysterious acute hepatitis that presently exists, we nonetheless do not know. As a result of the trigger remains to be unknown,” he continued, quoted from detikhealth.(eky)


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