Check out the Latest Costumes of Ms. Marvel in Avengers: Quantum Encounter!

geeks of course still waiting for the continuation of phase 4 MCU. In this phase, Marvel Studios tries to bring in some new heroes. For example, Ms. Marvel who just made her debut in her solo series, with her epic costume. In addition to new names, phase 4 also returns to feature several old heroes such as Captain Marvel, Captain America, Thor, and many more.

Now while continuing to develop phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel Studios (together with Disney) made a new show. Unfortunately, these shows are not related to the MCU aka Non-Canon. They only broadcast the show on the Disney Wish cruise ship during dinner. Official title Avengers: Quantum Ecounterthe show features the Avengers returning to face their old enemies, as we can see below!

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Ms Marvel’s New Costume!

We can see the action of the Avengers such as Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. As for Ms Marvel, she still does “training” before he finally deserves to join the Avengers. They seemed overwhelmed when facing Ultron Sentry. And suddenly, Captain Marvel came with help. Unfortunately, after the battle ended, Ms Marvel did not meet her idol, Captain Marvel.

Which is interesting, Avengers: Quantum Ecounter featuring the costume of Ms. Marvel from comics. In fact, the costume has not appeared in the series. Yep, in his solo series, Kamala Khan is still wearing his creations. He doesn’t yet have an “official” costume while on duty as a hero. Besides that, Avengers: Quantum Ecounter also featured changes to Captain Marvel’s costume. The Captain Marvel costume underwent minor changes in the shoulders. Now, his shoulders have a fiery red color.

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Will Marvel Studios bring these costumes to the MCU? Well, hopefully yes geeks. Could be the fifth episode Ms. Marvel will show off his new costume. Captain Marvel 2 can also be a way to introduce these costumes, if the costumes are really going to be introduced in the MCU. Moreover, the film will also feature Kamala Khan in a duet with Captain Marvel.


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