How Controversial is Herogasm in The Comics Version of The Boys?

After the success of the first two seasons, The Boys finally back with season 3 whose contents are no less eccentric than before. Still adapting the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, this Amazon flagship series will soon air its final episode. Where the title of season 3 episode 6 itself takes a reference from the most controversial story in the comic, namely ‘Herogasm’.

If the previous episodes had been brutal enough, this episode of Herogasm will reportedly be much worse than we imagined, even by the standards of The Boys story. Even before it aired, the showrunners and their line-up of actors gave a warning to fans that the final episode The Boys season 3 ‘not suitable for everyone’. What exactly is Herogasm, why is this event known to be so “brutal”? Before watching version live actionHowever, it would be better if we first identified the Herogasm event in the comic.

Herogasm, The Most Vulgar Story in the Comics

Very famous among comic fans, Herogasm is a miniseries consisting of six issues which was first released in 2009. The comic story itself tells that once a year, Vought superheroes around the world will attend a private party on a remote island. While at this party Vought allows all his superhumans to do whatever they want.

Everything that goes against superhero morals is at this private party. Liquor and drugs have become commonplace in the Herogasm event. In addition, there are many prostitutes that Vought provides on his secret island. Where the superhumans are free to choose to have a relationship with anyone. In one of his pages, Homelander even asks Soldier Boy to sleep with him, if he wants to join the super team The Seven. But as usual, Homelander is not a person who will fulfill his promise, because from the start he just wanted to harass Soldier Boy.

Herogasm is even said to tend to be like a nasty comic and not suitable for all readers. On another page, when The Boys crew spied on this Herogasm event, Hughie Campbell was even traumatized. Because when he was alone, it turned out that Black Noir found him and immediately pulled Hughie’s pants. It was at this point that Hughie was abused, as Black Noir forced him with just a ‘thumb’. Although initially Hughie kept this incident a secret, but in the end the Boys still knew about it.

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