Who is Clan Destin in Series Ms. Marvels?

this wednesday Ms. Marvel has aired its third episode which finally reveals who the supervillain in the series is. In addition to the Damage Control seen in episode 2, it was finally revealed that there was another threat hunting Kamala (Iman Vellani). They were none other than the group that fans had been rumored to for a long time, namely Clan Destine. Surprisingly, episode 3 itself finally reveals that Kamran and his mother were part of the group for a long time. So, who exactly is Clan Destine, and why is this group of MCU supervillains so dangerous to Ms Marvel?

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The Immortal Jin Race in the Marvel Universe

In Marvel Comics itself, Clan Destine or as ‘ClanDestine’ is written is a super family that has been living in secret in the Marvel Universe. Appears for the first time in comics Marvel Comics Presents #158 (1994) by Alan Davis, Clan Destine is a family whose story spans from the 12th century. Where they have given birth to many family branches and established a very large family tree. Much like the Eternals, Inhumans, and Mutants, as the strongest race in the Marvel Universe. Their story begins with a dream of a man named Adam Destine in 1168.

Adam himself was originally an ordinary man from the Saxon village, Ravenscroft, who dreamed of seeing a mysterious woman. Where the woman gives him super powers, including immunity and immortality. Adam believed that the woman he saw in his dream was a Djinn or genie confined in a crystal. After releasing the Djinn who turned out to be named Elalyth, they finally fell in love with each other and gave birth to many offspring called Clan Destine. In short, Clan Destine is a family of immortal genies that exists in the Marvel Universe.

From appearing as superheroes to supervillains, there are so many members of the Destine Clan that Marvel has talked about. In addition to immortal, some of them also have telepathic abilities, healing, and also super intelligence. Most of them have also dealt with the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Wolverine, and other famous characters. However, it turns out that none of the Destine Clan members have ever met Kamala aka Ms Marvel, both as enemies and friends. And the Ms Marvel series in the MCU will finally bring that up.

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Wanting the Power of Ms. Marvel

After being a mystery since his appearance at the end of episode 2, finally Kamran’s mother, Najma, explains who she is to Kamala. Najma confesses that she is a friend of her great-grandmother, Aisha, who at the time the British colonized India was in search of the mysterious bracelet currently in Kamala’s hands. In this snippet of the scene, Najma finally reveals that in fact she and Aisha are actually from the Noor (light) Dimension. And they are Clan Destine, an immortal Djinn nation that takes references from ClanDestine in Marvel Comics.

They have been exiled in the human world and are currently looking for a way to return to their dimension. And based on what Najma and the rest of the Destine Clan believe, Kamala and her bracelet are the keys to opening the gates to the Noor Dimension. In the end we get to see how ambitious Najma and Clan Destine are. They have the heart to attack Amir’s marriage in order to force Kamala to use her powers for them.

As far as seen until episode 3 ends, it seems that besides being immortal, Clan Destine also has physical strength that is stronger than humans in general. And they also have weapons that are strong enough to match the power of Kamala’s crystal. However, the weapon is not strong enough to fight Damage Control which has more sophisticated weaponry. Where agents Sadie Deever and Damage Control finally caught them. At the same time Kamala was finally able to escape and return to her home.

On the other hand, it seems that the reason is still difficult for us to believe. Because it’s also possible that Najma and Clan Destine actually want to open the gate to the Noor Dimension so that Djinn can enter Earth and control it. What do you think? We look forward to continuing the story of Kamala and Clan Destine in Ms. The next Marvel episode will air next Wednesday.


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