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Apple usually releases iPadOS and iOS updates at the same time, in September every year. However, for this year it seems that the release of the 16th version of Apple’s tablet and smartphone software will have a time difference. iPadOS will be delayed by a month due to a bug in the “Stage Manager” feature.

apple ipad mini og 202109

Stage Manager is a new way of multitasking on iPad that allows users to resize app windows and make them overlap in one view. However, the developers found the feature to have bugs and actually confuse users, even less compatible for most previous versions of the iPad. Reporting from Bloomberg via GSMArena, Apple has decided to delay the release of iPadOS 16 to improve the Stage Manager.

iPadOS 16 itself offers a number of interesting features such as more intuitive multitasking, updates to the Mail and Weather applications, collaboration and security features that are more powerful for the Safari browser, and several other updates. Apple has not provided official information about the report so far, but as they said before some new features may not be available immediately in the initial version, especially Stage Manager if developers can’t fix it. bugsit’s on time.

As a result, the new iPadOS 16 can be enjoyed by users in October 2022 which will make it closer to the launch of the latest iPad device. Reportedly, one of the newest iPad products that will be launched that month is the iPad Pro, which will carry the M2 chip, as well as the iPad. entry-level with USB-C port support.


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