Support the 31st SEA Games, TikTok Becomes the Information Center for the #TimMerahPutih Struggle • Jagat Gadget

On Friday (20/5), TikTok as the latest short video platform in the world, including Indonesia, invites the people of the country to participate in the celebration of the 31st SEA Games, foster national pride through the #TimMerahPutih struggle, as well as celebrate friendship and the spirit of sportsmanship. between nations in Southeast Asia.

Through the hashtag #SEAGames31, TikTok is ready to support the Indonesian people with a credible platform to present a variety of sports content that can be trusted as official supporters of the 31st SEA Games.

“Sports content has grown and colored the diversity of content on TikTok. The collaboration with the 31st SEA Games has further enriched sports content on the platform, from athletes, former athletes, creators, to users. To support the excitement of this sports event, we also present a variety of activities, features, effects, filters, and special music so that the TikTok community can support the #TimMerahPutih struggle, foster a sense of nationalism, celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, as well as the spirit of friendship between nations in Southeast Asia, ” added Mahwari Sadewa Jalutama, Head of Operations TikTok Indonesia.

There are various videos on the TikTok platform that were shared by the national athlete #TimMerahPutih in the 13th SEA Games, starting from the moment of the Pencak Silat match by Puspa Arum, peeking at the contents of the athlete’s training ground before competing by Erick Fathoni, flashbacks of the SEA Games to the 13th. 30 by Sapwaturrahman, also the excitement of the SEA Games match presented by Mario Delano by interviewing one of the players of the national football team.

Ade Rai, the 1997 SEA Games bodybuilder gold medal, gave a message, support and enthusiasm to young Indonesian athletes who competed in the SEA Games

The entire TikTok community who wants to support Indonesian national athletes at the 31st SEA Games can take advantage of the special SEA Games themed features, effects, filters and music available on the platform. Creators can also look for content inspiration around this subject through the hashtags #TimMerahPutih and #SEAGames31 to get the latest information about the SEA Games from official organizations, governments and athletes.

TikTok users can monitor the excitement of the 31st SEA Games and other sports content through the hashtag #SerunyaOlahraga.


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