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Telkomsel again presents the latest service to expand its digital ecosystem business portfolio, namely It is a digital survey platform, enabling the public to obtain research solutions, whether in academic, commercial, cross-industry and others.

telkomsel tSurvey

Telkomsel’s Director of Planning and Transformation, Wong Soon Nam said, “The presence of is part of our efforts to assist and facilitate various stakeholders, both academics, professionals, Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as business actors across industry sectors in opening up more opportunities for advancement by encourage the strengthening of a data-driven decision-making culture.”

Advantages of the Platform

The tSurvey platform itself is the result of the incubation program from Telkomsel TINC. This is intended to make it easier for the public to make decisions based on data, both commercial and non-commercial. create data-driven decision-making cultureboth in the scope of academic, commercial, social, and other research purposes broadly.

telkomsel tSurvey

As a digital research platform, has several advantages. tSurvey has more than 170 million respondents, more than 100 thousand target respondents and more than 100 respondent profiles from all over Indonesia, which are available on this platform.

All taken accurately based on real analysis of Telkomsel network users. The survey platform is built with an easy interface, and survey data results can be obtained quickly.

telkomsel tSurvey

This service is available with three usage schemes, namely free, personal and corporate. Of course, each scheme offers different features.

Used In 2022 Consumer Insight Report

This platform has been tested directly by the Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LM FEB UI). In collaboration with Telkomsel, this institution made a study and preparation of an annual report entitled 2022 Consumer Insight Report.

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In the report, several points of consumer trends for 2022, which include the following:

  • Indonesian people tend to fulfill their daily needs from home, which has now been facilitated by many people platform digital services with delivery services in a short time, such as routine shopping needs and food.
  • The trend of digital entertainment that can be enjoyed at home, has become a new lifestyle since 2021 and will continue in 2022.Streaming videoswill be the Main entertainment choice, with Indonesian content outperforming the popularity of Western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content.
  • Indonesian consumers are starting to be active again outside their homes. In fact, one in five respondents stated that they travel on tourism to work from tourist sites or work from vacation.

“We hope that through the event Insight for Indonesia which we envision as an annual event presented by Telkomsel MSIGHT, the capability of as a research solution for industry players, academics, and the general public can be well demonstrated. Now development platform is still being carried out on an ongoing basis to meet market needs in conducting various researches,” said Mia, as Vice President of Data Solutions at Telkomsel.


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