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Not only present as a communication service provider, as a leading digital telecommunications company, Telkomsel also continues to strengthen its role in accelerating the transformation of cross-industrial sectors in Indonesia through the use of the latest technology.

Telkomsel launched a new service, namely Telkomsel Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Manufacturing. It is a digital solution for the manufacturing industry, in order to be able to make fast and accurate decisions based on digital data analysis. This solution uses connected sensors and data collection, on a platform that includes a production section, quality, maintenance and warehouse in an industrial company.

Using an integrated End-to-end Solution from Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing to analyze data accurately, can create a sustainable manufacturing industry, namely by encouraging increased efficiency, productivity, and security in every company operational process.

“With the support of IoT Smart Manufacturing services, Telkomsel presents an integrated digital solution in the manufacturing chain that is in line with roadmap Indonesian industry players in an ecosystem that supports commitment Making Indonesia 4.0. This step also reaffirms Telkomsel’s commitment to support the government to make Indonesia one of the strongest elements of the world’s economy by 2030 through accelerating the transformation of Industry 4.0,” said Wong Soon Nam – Director of Planning & Transformation at Telkomsel.

Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing Service

IoT Smart Manufacturing comes as one stop solution capable of transforming the company’s supply chain from upstream to downstream (end-to-end supply chain) become integrated, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and operational security for more adequate business stability.

By implementing the latest digital solutions from Telkomsel IoT, companies will get more comprehensive support. Starting from consultation, availability device and softwareintegrated systems, data analysis, cybersecurity, connectivity, to after sales service front.

Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing provides a more comprehensive solution because it includes: production control & monitoring, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), quality control using computer vision, traceability, warehouse management, manufacturing execution system (MES) by providing data platform.

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In addition, this digital solution can be combined with other Telkomsel IoT solutions, such as the IoT Energy Monitoring solution, IoT Asset Performance Management for customer needs. warehousingIoT Manage SD-WAN 5G for connectivity-based solutions cloud reliable and secure, IoT Fleetsight for asset monitoring, and IoT Control Tower for order management to build smart industrial ecosystem increasingly integrated.

Currently, the digital solution presented by Telkomsel IoT has also been implemented by PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia as brake manufacturers largest in Indonesia. In the company, Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing is implemented to provide solutions to problems warehouse management system and part pulling system. Sso that the process can be more efficient and productive, because previously it had not been fully integrated.

With an integrated solution from Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing, companies can create an industrial ecosystem that is more environmentally friendly. Because the product manufacturing process is carried out through an integrated process that is more economical. This is expected to minimize negative impacts on the environment through energy and natural resource conservation.

“Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing is a testament to our concern for the industry’s impact on the environment. Solution end-to-end which is integrated from Telkomsel IoT Smart Manufacturing will not only provide increased productivity and company efficiency, but also support the creation of an environmentally friendly manufacturing industry, in accordance with the target Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the Indonesian government and the United Nations to build an industry that prioritizes aspects of social inclusion and environmental sustainability,” concluded Wong Soon Nam.


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