The Results Are In: We Tested the Latest 5G Tech on All Three Carriers | by PCMag | PC Magazine | Jan, 2022

We analyzed the brand new 5G programs from AT&T, T-Cell, and Verizon — and so they’re all quicker than ever.

By Sascha Reluctant

It may be a sizzling yr for 5G, and the warmth begins now.

Every main US service has lately taken a step ahead in 5G, with very completely different approaches and methods. During the last week we examined C-band on AT&T and Verizon, in addition to 5G service aggregation on T-Cell.

In the event you’re not a complete spectrum geek, the rule right here is that extra megahertz is healthier. The brand new C-band 5G spectrum opens up extra pathways for wi-fi dwelling web, in addition to for brand spanking new functions that we simply have not seen but, as a result of the community hasn’t been there for individuals to invent them on.

Verizon, which has been affected by congestion on its 4G community, is rolling out quite a lot of C-band, and is rolling it out quick. It is patchy proper now, however positive to enhance shortly.

Verizon has maps, however it’s best to deal with them as aspirational, as they don’t seem to be based mostly on noticed or measured protection. Verizon takes its tower areas, applies some math, and paints the city purple. And in some areas, it could be counting towers which might be put in and on, however nonetheless blocked from public use for engineering or procedural causes.

AT&T is simply dipping its toe into C-band for now. Whereas it lists eight cities, we drove round Chicago and solely discovered one lively tower. That is as a result of the service is ready for brand spanking new tools, coming this summer season, that can let it mix C-band with the even newer 3.45GHz band.

Essentially the most encouraging factor we present in our AT&T testing is vary. If our software program is right, a C-band panel on a tall macro-cell tower can attain properly over a mile, not a mere half-mile. That is nice information for spreading wi-fi dwelling web to the suburbs.

T-Cell does not have C-band, however it has a lot mid-band 2.5GHz that it does not matter proper now. In exams in Chicago, we noticed T-Cell utilizing 100MHz of mid-band at a time, the place AT&T and Verizon have 80MHz (of C-band and three.45GHz) and 60MHz (of C-band) respectively.

In New York, we noticed T-Cell combining its low-band and mid-band into 90MHz, and even experimenting with two mid-band channels for a complete of 160MHz. T-Cell is, for the time being, quicker than its two opponents in all third-party research. And our testing exhibits that it nonetheless has room to develop.


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