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After reports that Samsung will use only the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset for its latest flagship devices without presenting the Exynos variant, many have speculated that Samsung will stop developing its own chipset.

However, according to a Business Korea report, Samsung stated firmly that the company has not stopped developing Exynos chipsets for the future.

“Currently, we are reorganizing our system-on-chip (SoC) business model and establishing a strategy to sharpen our competitiveness in the medium to long term,” said Pi Jae-gul, vice president of System LSI at Samsung Electronics. Business Division in a second quarter earnings conference call on July 28. “In particular, we are concentrating on increasing the competitiveness of the next generation mobile Exynos. We are strengthening cooperation with leading companies and trying to start development early to secure core competitiveness.”

Apart from smartphones, Samsung is also developing its mobile AP application to other devices such as laptop modems or Wi-Fi products, as well as expanding its partnerships with various companies through MOUs and the discovery of collaboration models.

It is predicted that the development of the new Galaxy AP will replace Exynos for at least 2025, considering that Exynos on Samsung’s flagship smartphones often get complaints about performance problems. Therefore, Samsung and Qualcomm also extended their cooperation contract to frequently use Snapdragon chipsets for Samsung’s premium smartphones until 2030.


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