How to Easily Create a YouTube Comment Timestamp

When watching videos on YouTube, we often have to wait a few minutes to get to the core of the video because content creators sometimes make video intros that are too long which requires viewers to wait longer.

When this happens, sometimes the comments column also appears timestamp (time stamp) made by other viewers which of course makes it very easy for us to watch videos directly to the core of the discussion or at certain minutes that are a pity to miss.

Given that comment timestamps are very useful for other viewers, of course you have to know how to make them. If you don’t know how to create a comment timestamp on YouTube, please see the full tutorial below.

The following tutorial can also be applied on HP.

1. Go to site YouTube on your PC or laptop, then search videos for which you want to provide a timestamp of comments. If the video has been found, please open the videothen pause at a certain minutei.e. the minutes to which the timestamp will be given.

pause How to Make YouTube Comment Timestamp Easily 1 pause

2. Please go to the comment box and make sure you are logged inthen type timestamp with additional words, then click comment to send the timestamp along with the comments you have made.

campeones How to Easily Create YouTube Comment Timestamps 2 campeonescampeones How to Easily Create YouTube Comment Timestamps 2 campeones

3. Here is the result where the timestamp that was successfully created will be blue.

710 How to Easily Create a YouTube Comment Timestamp 3 710710 How to Easily Create a YouTube Comment Timestamp 3 710

When the comments timestamp is already bluethat means the timestamp has worked properly where when you click on it, you will be taken to a certain part of the video according to the time stated in the timestamp.

By knowing how to create a timestamp on YouTube, you can easily help other viewers get straight to the heart of the video without having to wait for a lengthy intro. In addition, you can also share certain minutes that contain important information to other viewers.

That’s how to easily create a YouTube comment timestamp, hopefully it’s useful.


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